We are a dog friendly hotel but there are certain rules regarding where they can go. Your pets are allowed in all public areas of the hotel, with the exception of the restaurant/dining room. Whilst in the public areas owners must remember that not all of our guests may be dog lovers. To this end we ask that your dog is not allowed on any furniture. Also when in your room, please do not allow dogs on any furniture or beds. In total, 4 of our rooms are dog friendly with a maximum of 2 dogs per room. We also ask that whilst in the hotel, to keep your dog on a lead.

As you can see below, we have our own dog Billy, a Fox Red Labrador. He loves his ball & paddling in the sea. We don’t allow him to roam the hotel though, as he gets a bit over excited around people & dogs he hasn’t met before. He is though, the friendliest dog we have ever had.

Check on which rooms we allow dogs in the hotel rooms section.

Billy our dog
Billy our dog with ball