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Our Sear & Sizzle Restaurant

Introducing our Sear & Sizzle Restaurant.

The sensational meal of Steak on the Stone is now being served at Flambards Hotel with the introduction of SteakStones to the menu.

SteakStones allow users to cook their own Steaks live at the table with the super-heated lava, searing in all the flavours and succulence of the chosen cut and giving customers the option of cooking every bite exactly as they like, whilst ensuring the very last mouthful is as hot and delicious as the first.

Flambards will be serving delicious steaks, fish & vegetarian options  for customers to enjoy and look forward to offering this fun, live dining experience for their guests.

The menu featured is a sample menu, so some choices are not always available. To be sure, enquire in advance & if we haven’t got your preference, we can get it.

Table bookings only in advance from 6pm – 9pm.

Fillet Steak on a steakstone
Tuna on Steakstone